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Hello Muskie Hunters!
The only thing constant in life is change. As I sit writing this, I have my window open and can hear birds chirping, while a pleasant spring-like breeze gently makes the curtains move. Not exactly a typical February day!

I am currently going through a career change. While not necessary something I am happy about, it is an opportunity to grow. As I was thinking about writing this piece, I was thinking about the metaphor of fishing a new body of water. If you always fish the same lake, using the same techniques, more....

Meeting Location
Giuseppe's La Cantina Pizzeria
1062 Lee Street
Des Plaines, IL 60016
MOFC as of July 15th
Peters, Dan16209.0
Elza, Patrick9166.0
Farmer, Michael19137.0
Becker, Sam594.0
Davis, Mike588.0
Bromann, Charlie586.0
Maher, Dan885.0
Jaros, Glenn475.0
Rickleff, James468.0
Baratta, Ryan350.0
Butts, Kevin449.0
Otto, Christian749.0

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