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Mark Steuer with Fox Chain 47.5"

MOFC as of May 17th
Farmer, Michael546.0
Butts, Kevin330.0
Bilka, John229.0
Kane, Jordan224.0
Fazio, Anthony222.0
Bromann, Charlie220.0
Valkner, John220.0
Loye, Frank214.0
Rickleff, James111.0
Slocum, Robert111.0

Presidents Line

Hello Muskie Hunters!
I am lucky to live on a small lake in the northern suburbs of Chicago. My boat is stored in a garage down the street during the cold, cruel winter season, while I sharpen hooks, read, and dream of catching my favorite fish. I thought the ice was never going away.

The ice disappeared during the recent warm weather, revealing lots (hundreds and hundreds) of dead gizzard shad. It was a feeding frenzy for the seagulls, and I really appreciate them for the huge amount of shad they ate after the ice was gone. I shoveled a lot of the remainder, not a pleasant task. More....

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