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Ken Vyleta with Fox Chain 45.5

2018 Members Fishing Only Contest as of May 31st
Butts, Kevin354.0
Thomas, Ronald442.0
Zofkie, Brian339.0
Loye, Frank338.0
Otto, Christian438.0
Farmer, Michael633.0
Pflum, David326.0
Otto, Alan219.0
Bilka, John216.0
Pflum, Zachary15.0

Presidents Line

Hello Muskie Hunters!
I am lucky to live on a small lake, Diamond Lake, and I put my boat in the water this past weekend.

I always have a list of projects that I want to get accomplished on my boat after I get it out of storage. I almost never get them all done. I start rationalizing that I could do most of them when it is in the water. However, once it is in the water, I have a hard time staying focused on the projects, and not being out on the water. This year is the same. The lure of the water, the fresh breeze, and the long, cold winter make it nearly impossible for me to keep the boat on dry land.

I know you all feel very sorry for me and my angst-ridden internal debates more....

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North Branch Pizza & Burger Co.
North Branch Pizza & Burger Co.
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