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Emmett Brown, who was a teenager at the time, formed Musky Hunters, Inc. in 1968. Initially, the club was formed to create camaraderie among Chicagoland “musky hunters.” It was independent of Minnesota based Muskies, Inc.

The Musky Hunters joined Muskies, Inc. in January of 1975, in 1981 the name was changed to Chicagoland Muskie Hunters. About the time Musky Hunters, Inc. became a chapter of Muskies, Inc., the club’s focus also shifted toward the re-introduction of muskellunge in Illinois waters. The Illinois Department of Conservation (now the DNR) opposed this idea in its early months, claiming that muskellunge would not spawn nor could it survive in Illinois waters. Subsequent to negotiations with the state and various fund-raisers, the stocking program was finally instigated.

Working closely with the Illinois Department of Conservation, the Adopt a Fish program was established. This project has made the general angling public more aware of Illinois muskie fishing and has gained financial support from the state.

The chapter initiated and hosted the very first Chapter Challenge in 1977 and won the event in 1978. In addition, the chapter has had many winners of the International Members Only Fishing Contest.

In appreciation of the chapter's efforts, a Certificate of Recognition from the Illinois Department of Conservation and Governor James Thompson was awarded the club in 1989.

As a result of the conservation work completed by the chapter, in 1991 the Illinois Department of Conservation nominated the chapter for the very prestigious Chevron Award. An individual or group is given this award on a national basis for outstanding conservation work.

The chapter currently has more than 200 members from several states and Canada. Since 1975 the chapter has stocked thousands of muskies in Illinois. In conjunction with the Illinois Muskie Alliance, the chapter currently sponsors stocking program efforts.

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